Ireland 2015 – 03

Wednesday, August 19th.

Yes. Yesterday was a better day, in more ways than one.
Daytrip to County Clare! 🙂
Kinvarra, Black Head, DOOLIN, C of M and Bunratty.
I enjoyed it all, Popped by the hostel in Fisherstreet, (Doolin),
and had a chat with Anthony. David was nowhere to be seen.
A perfect lunch at Gus O’Connor’s! – And a Pint of the black stuff..
A 12 hour trip. Leaves you worn out. – But happy!

Today, Thursday, is Pub Crawl Day 1.
I will meet up with Mr. Moloney at appr. 1100.
For a full irish breakfast. A good foundation is important!
Chances are we’ll end up at O’Donoghue’s or The Palace tonight.
Trying to track down Mr. Byrne & Friends!
I’v been listening to their singing and playing for 10 yeaars!

Take Care!  – Slainte!  🙂

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