Ireland 2015 – 04

Thursday 20 \ Friday 21 \ Saturday 22.

We’re getting there! Already the feeling of «It’s been a good holiday» has settled,
and we have got a couple of days left!
Pub Crawl Day 1.
We made it to 6 pubs, starting out at The Sandymount, at 1302 hour.
It was supposed to be a DART Crawl, but we ended up walking from one pub to the next, due to the short distance between them.2-5: Slattery’s of Beggar’s Bush, Becky Morgan, Padraic Pearse and John Mulligan’s. All great pubs. And for the last pub on the Crawl,
did a bus trip to Clontarf Road, to The Shed’s. A special place, we are going back there
for a third visit some day!


(About the pub crawls: See sections DART-Crawls & Perfect Pint Crawls).
We ended up at The Palace Bar, Fleet Street, an all time favourite!
Great pint, Great music!  – We’ll be back! 🙂

Friday was another trip down Memory Lane! – A Grat One!
Guinness Museum & Jamesan Museum! – Not for the tours, though!
Visit nr. 17 to Guinness and nr. 6 or 7 to Jamesan. – No less!
Guinness, to visit the shop, (The Hop Store), and to enjoy the one complementary pint of The Black Stuff at The Gravity Bar! You’ll never have a better one! 🙂

2015-08-21 09.46.52Paddy @ The GravityBar

Jamesan: The lunch & the Itish Coffee for Desert:

2015-08-21 11.52.14
They don’t come any better!

 Today, it’s Pub Crawl Day 2.  (From The Perfect Pint Crawls, North Side).
Meeting up with Mr. Moloney at Jimmy Chung’s, at 8 Eden Quay, 1200 hours.
For another chinese «Bordrensking» foundation!
Starting out with a couple of taxi trips, the pubs are far out there. Then againg,
it’s followed by 3 pubs almost in a row, all in Parkgate Street!
As they say: – Slainte!

Another Quote:
– Do as I do,  a n d  as I say; end up a raving maniac!
There’s always room for one more…!

 Have a great day!  🙂

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