2 Paddy & Friends

Mr. Paddy Moloney was presented to me in the summer of 2002, by a very nice lady
I know, who trusted me with his care. He was baptized in Guinness, in the wonderful
Public House; Connie Doolan’s, in The Cobh, Cork Harbour. He’s been to Ireland 15 times!

Paddy is all about The Sightseeing, The Guinness, The Music & The Craic!
In that spirit we pray, Paddy and I, that considering the great, but unknown number of pints of The Black Stuff we have enjoyed,  and the fact that we promote Guinness everywhere and all the time, perhaps The Guinness Company will find it in its heart to forgive us, regarding the rather revealing implication in

Mr. Paddy Moloney’s Signature Picture:

Paddy @ The Bar
Paddy @ The Bar

If they do not forgive us, the item will be returned. (The following summer).
After all, we’re not that difficult. Not at all. 🙂

And now, a picture of Mr. Moloney in The Cristmas Spirit:

Paddy Moloney in The Christmas Spirit!

@ The Bar

2009_11_29_02595(If The Guinness Company don’t forgive us, the item will be returned).

@ The Ferryman

2014_07_20_0009651_Dublin_The Ferryman
And now, a couple of his friends:

2011_09_07_Herr Greve Ling

2011_09_07_Herr Greve Ling

Herr Greve Ling.  – Ja, han bor i taket…


Mr. Moloney, (the grumpy, old teddy), from his place on the shelf behind the bar:

You may travel far far from your own native home
Far away oer the mountains far away oer the foam
But of all the fine places that I’ve ever seen,
There’s none to compare with The Cliffs of Dooneen

Take a view oer the water fine sights you’ll see there
You’ll see the high rocky slopes on the West coast of Clare
The towns of Kilrush and Kilkee can be seen
From the high rocky slopes at The Cliffs of Dooneen

Its a nice place to be on a fine Summer’s day
Watching all the wild flowers that ne’er do decay
The hare and lofty pheasant are plain to be seen
Making homes for their young round The Cliffs of Dooneen

Fare thee well to Dooneen fare thee well for a while
And to all the fine people I’m leaving behind
To the streams and the meadows where late I have been
And the high rocky slopes of The Cliffs of Dooneen


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