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Here you are! My attempt to make a useful DUBLIN list.
Remember: Not all pubs have music sessions every day! And all of the pubs on this list do not have traditional music only. And some sessions start at 2100, some at 2130.
Some pubs have two sessions on Sundays, and some have lunch sessions during the summer. And: Most sessions are FREE! Give them a call, and ask! (Prefix: 00 353).

Part 1 of this list, I have actually visted, and I strongly recommend these pubs.
Part 2 of this list, is on my «to-do-in-Dublin» list.

Dublin, The Palace Bar

01. The Palace, 21 Fleet Street, (upstairs). Ph: 01-6779290 or 01-6717388.
Great trad. music sessions. Some of the best in central Dublin,
(including The Temple Bar area).
Sessions start around 2130? If you want a seat, be early! 2045?

Dublin, Hughes Bar.

02. M. Hughe’s Bar, 19 Chancery Street, (behind The Four Courts). Ph: 01-8726540.
Great music sessions. A legend.

Dublin, The Cobblestone

03. The Cobblestone, North King Street, (Smithfield Square). Ph: 01-8721799.
Great Sessions, be early! As in many pubs nowadays, they serve the pints of The Black Stuff way to cold. Starting out, order two. When you have finished the first one, the second one will be ready. And as at The Palace;  it’s perfect.

Dublin, O'Donoghue's, 15 Merrion Row

04. O’Donoghue’s, 15 Merrion Row, (North eastern side, St. Step. Green). Ph: 01-6607194.
Great atmosphere, music & pints! A favorite hangout for heroes such as The Dubliners and Christy Moore. Perfect place for a lunch and a lunch session!  http://www.odonoghues.ie/

Dublin, Blarney Inn

05. Blarney Inn, 2 Nassau Street. Ph:01-6794388.
Irish music and dancing, very good irish food. http://www.blarneyinn.ie/
Do yourself a favour: If you ever visit this pub, do it for the music, or the food.
– Not for a pint of plain.. The pint of Guinness I had in this place, is the worst I’ve
ever had. (And yes, I’ve spent my summer holidays in Ireland for 14 years,
visiting at least 146 Dublin Pubs, and around 80 places in Ireland).
– I switched to Heineken….

Dublin, Sean O'Casey's

06. Sean O’Casey, 105 Marlborough Street. Ph: 01-8744294.
Apparently, this Pub does not have regular sessions, to make sure, give them a ring!
If there is one, they are supposed to be superb!

Dublin_The Merry Ploughboy

Dublin_The Merry Ploughboy

07. The Merry Ploughboy, Edmondstown Road, Rockbrook, Dublin 16. Ph: 01-4931495.
A bit of trip to get there, but apparently worth the effort. http://www.mpbpub.com/
The Show: 20.30 – 22.30. Special offer 2011: Bus transfer to and from Dublin City Centre, dinner and show, at € 55 pp. (It’s appr. 11 km from CC to The MP).
The MP: We are happy to recommend Xpert Taxis, who provide 20% off the metered fare for all trips to and from The Merry Ploughboy Pub. Just call Xpert Taxis in Dulin on (01) 6670777 on the day you are coming to the show.
Make sure to mention the discount at the time of booking!

More on the pubs in Part 1 of the list in sections: The Pubs, and The Perfect Pint Crawls.


01. Frank Ryan’s, 5 Queen Street, (off Ellis Quay, Smithfield). Ph: 01-8725204.
Sessions are excellent, (but not regular). Give them a ring! http://www.frankryans.com/

02. Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann, 35 Belgrave Square, Monkstown. Ph: 01-2800295.
(Go to Monkstown by DART). Bar Sessions: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday.
The largest group involved in the preservation and promotion of Irish traditional music.
A non-profit cultural movement with hundreds of local branches. http://comhaltas.ie/


And, I should mention:
Whelan’s, 25 Wexford Street. Ph: 01-4780766. http://www.whelanslive.com/
Very popular, probably the most popular sessions in town, but more m o d e r n.
(Modern, as in: «not for me»).


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