4 Dublin South

Ticket from The On-and-Off Bus Tour, July 19th. 2001, Dublin.
(Bus ticket, first time out, 19 July, 2001).

And now: South of The River Liffey:

In DUBLIN’s fair city, The Krokket Team always pays a visit to:

Dublin_Molly Malone_01
Yes, we – a r e – Tourists….   – Moving on:

I’d like to start out with a couple of words on Temple Bar. It’s the ultimate tourist-trap, and I don’t go there that much. If you are looking for the culture, the tradition, and genuine people, stay clear. You are more likely to meet your own nextdoor neighbour. And there’s a limit, even for me, of how many «by the dozen»-versions of «The Wild Rover» I can take.
That said, if you are going to spend a night out there with a couple of friends, go for the big, red bar, actually called The Temple Bar. We spent an evenig there, first time out.
And yes, we did have a good time. Presenting, with his permission:

Mr. Arild at The Temple Bar, in Temple Bar, Dublin.

Mr. Arild, (Captain, and Driver with The England Krokket Team).

And for food in this area, or wherever you are in Dublin: The Best Pizza in Town, is served at: The Bad Ass Cafe, Crown Alley, Temple Bar. Painted on their wall:

The Bad Ass Cafe, Crown Alley, Temple Bar, Dublin.

The Bad Ass Cafe, Crown Alley, Temple Bar, Dublin.
This place is closed! – Very Sad to say…  http://www.dublintourist.com/details/bad_ass_cafe.shtml
(Or try the pizza in Hell, 36 Wexford Street. www.hell.ie)

The On-and-off-busstour is a good way of learnig your way around town.  http://www.dublintours.net/?event=offer.detail&offerId=3175

Pay a visit to:

Kilmainham Gaol, Dublin.

Kilmainham Gaol, Dublin.

Kilmainham Gaol, Dublin.

Kilmainham Gaol, Dublin.http://www.dublintourist.com/details/kilmainham_gaol.shtml

On a busy day, sightseeing and shopping, it’s always good to have a little rest. Visit one of the city parks, St. Stephen’s Green, Merrion Square or Iveagh Gardens. From St. St. Gr.:

St.Stephen's Green, Dublin.

St. Stephen's Green, Dublin.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St_Stephen’s_Green

Go see:

Trinity College, Dublin.
Trinity College. http://www.tcd.ie/
Feel like an idiot, standing in line, waiting to see The Book of Kells. But, do see it anyway. It’s amazing. http://www.bookofkells.ie/

For the more spiritual visitors, I recommend:

Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin.
Christ Church Cathedral. http://cccdub.ie/

St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin.
St. Patrick’s Cathedral. http://www.stpatrickscathedral.ie/index.aspx
(I have yet to see St. Michan’s Church).

Not forgetting, (being a Norwegian), some Viking history at:

The Dvblinia, Dublin.
The Dvblinia. http://www.dublinia.ie/

Along The Grand Canal

Dublin_Grand Canal_McKenny Bridge_01

Dublin_Grand Canal

Visiting Patrick Kavanagh:

Dublin_Grand Canal_Patrick Kavanagh_01

Dublin_Grand Canal_Patrick Kavanagh_02http://www.tcd.ie/English/patrickkavanagh/

Visiting The Birthplace of George Bernard Shaw:

Dublin_Shaw Birthplace_01

It’s more interesting, actually seeing this place yourself, than looking at my pictures.
Do pop by! 33 Synge Street.

The Parliament

Dublin_The Irish Parliament_01The former Irish Parliament, inside the bank, opposite Trinity College. Free Admission!

2014_07_15_0009414_Dublin_TC_The Long RoomA revisit to The Long Room, (didn’t remeber anything from the 2001 one). http://www.tcd.ie/Library/bookofkells/old-library/
A must, being a tourist!


— — —

I know, there’s a 110 places not mentioned. And a few I have seen, but don’t have a decent photo of. I may get them at some point.
«There’s always next year!»


Got any useful comments? Pictures? Let me know!
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