1 About The Site

This is a site about Ireland; Sightseeing, Culture, Pubs, Music & The Craic!

Doolin, @ Gus O'Connor's

Doolin, @ Gus O’Connor’s

Certain products keep appearing in the pictures.
It may be considered Free Advertising.

The signature picture, (heading), of this web site,
is of a small window, in the great Public House of
Gus O’Connor’s, in Fisherstreet, DOOLIN,
in The Sweet County Clare.

Any comments, give us a shout!

– Slainte!  🙂

The «blogg-part» of the site, (the tab Hjem\Home),
may well raise other issues, from time to time.

And, We are very grateful to Geek Øystein,
for making it possible for me to bother
the entire world with this web site..!

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