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The Signature Picture of The Public Houses, is from The Seaview Tavern, Malin Head,
County Donegal, and shows the way to the:

Sign from The Seaview Tavern, Malin Head, Co. Donegal.This is the page for The Best Public Houses I’ve visited, famous either for their trad. music, good atmosphere, or great pint. Or all of the above. (Yes, it is sort of a guide, but don’t take just my word for it, consult your own travelguide, and talk to people). I thought about a Top Ten-list, but strangely enough, I ended up with a slightly longer one.
I have visited 146 Dublin Pubs…
(Due to the number of Public Houses on The Green Island, it can’t be a «fair» selection).
But we start up with some Pubs  n o t  located in Dublin.


The Crown, Belfast.The Crown. A true gem. No less.


Tom King's Bar & Snug, Clifden. Tom King’s Bar & Snug. It’s a nice bar, with a real snug(!). Not too many bars got one these days. Good choice for a night out.


Central Bar, Galway. The famous Central Bar. Nice pub, and the staff and the locals are friendly.
(Mind you, this is the  b a c k  entrance!).


Too many great pubs in Kilkenny, and although I have many memories from
The Pump House, I settled for pictures of just two:

Tynan's Bridge House Bar, Kilkenny. Tynan’s Bridge House Bar, 300 years old, (Yes, Atmosphere), and a great pint.

O'Riada's, Kilkenny. And O’Riada, in Parliament Street. A great Pub; have a nice, quiet time, (if there’s no game on), with a nice pint, and forget you’re in «a City». Next door neighbours, are The Pump House and John Cleere. Good memories from The Pump House, traditional, but with many tourists, you’d be at the risk of one or more «singalongs». At the John Cleere, you just might find the best music session in town. On top of this, these three pubs are located right across the street from The Kilkenny Tourist Hostel.

And now to:
Doolin, in The Sweet County Clare

There are three decent pubs in Doolin. In the upper village, you got McGann’s and McDermott’s. Very nice places, good food, pints and music.
In the lower village, called Fisherstreet, you find the best food, music and:

The Perfect Pint, at Gus O'Connor's, Doolin. The Perfect Pint.
The western part of Ireland has kept more of the old culture and music, than the rest of the country. (Or so I’m told). The pubs of Doolin have won several awards for great trad. music. And at the great:

Gus O'Connor's, Fisherstreet, Doolin. They have two sessions on Sundays, 6 pm. and 9.30 pm. A nice lunch down at the pub, a nap in the room at Doolin Hostel, (46.28 m from Gus O’Connor’s), a film, and then
the 6 pm. session. In the brake between sessions, a good book? Listening to Planxty? Or a visit to the upper village. At 9.30 pm., the night session. Finishing up with a pint glass filled with ice, and pouring The Real Irish Cider over it. (Bulmer’s, Co. Tipperary). Perfect.
Caught a session with the local singer Ted last year, that alone made it worth the trip.

I’ve visited Doolin 15 times, trip number 16 pending.
For tourists, there are three «must see» places to visit located close to Doolin:
1. The Aran Islands.   2. The Cliffs of Moher.   3. The Doolin Caves.
You’ll find info on these places in  a n y  travel guide. They are worth the trip!

And Finally:  The  D u b l i n  Pubs.
In the following categorys:
01: Pub 01 Kavanagh’s
02: Pubs 02-12 North of The River Liffey
03: Pubs 01-16 South of The River Liffey

Starting out with a Dublin Legend.
01 Kavanagh’s, aka The Gravedigger’s.
(1 Prospect Square, Glasnevin, Dublin 9, Dublin).

John Kavanagh's, Dublin. It was established in 1833, and I bet that the floor, the log house walls and half the furniture have done service from day one. Atmosphere? 100%. The Pint is one of the very best in town. Mind you, the pub is in «two halfs», the right half is from the 1970’s, (crap). When paying a visit, make sure you use the  l e f t  entrance. As this pub is way off the beaten track; take the city bus downtown after dark. The Southbound Bus Stop is on Prospect Road, east of Prospect Sq. (Coming out of the pub, it’s hard left, 90 degrees, then straight ahead, until you hit the main road). Check it out!
About the pint. This no longer the case. The staff are still half rude, but now, in adition, the pint stinks! I was there 2014.07.08. The pint was terrible. Do yourself a favour, AVOID this pub.

Other pubs  N o r t h  of The River Liffey:

02 The Auld Triangle

The Auld Triangle, Dorset Street, Dublin. On Dorset Street, not too far from the canal. Old Dubliners claim you’ll find the true Dublin in old pubs, on the north side of the river. This is definately a pub with a genuine crowd.

03 The Cobblestone

The Cobblestone, North King Street, Dublin.North King Street. Oldfashioned, with great music sessions.
(Crappy photo, new one in The Perfect Pint Crawl North Side section).

04 Hughe’s Bar

Hughe's Bar, Dublin. 19 Chancery Street, (behind The Four Courts).
An institution. Great trad. music. They used to have one particular kind of Irish music every day of the week. From different parts of Ireland. On our last visit, I think it was a tuesday, it was Donegal Night. You’d better believe it, the massive sound of 12 great fiddlers, it can blow your mind away.


05 Patric Conway’s

Patrick Conway's, Dublin. The oldest pub on the north side of The River Liffey.
Sadly, this great pub has been closed for about a couple of years.
If anyone got any info as to wether they’ll reopen, please let me know!

06 Madigan’s

Madigan's, O'Connel Street, Dublin. O’Connel Street Upper, (next door to The Gresham Hotel).
Looks a little bit more «new», and the pint is probably € 0.20 up, compared to other pubs, but the pint is excellent, the staff is very friendly, and it’s rather calm. Though it’s hard to get more central, you can actually forget you’re in the middle of Dublin Town.

07 The Confesssion Box

The Confession Box, Marlborough Street, Dublin.

Marlborough Street, near the junction of Talbot Street and North Earl Street.
Small, but very good. Genuine. (In this pub, as for all other «old men drinker’s pubs»,
make sure you don’t take the seat of anyone who’s been a customer since the 1960s,
without asking  v e r y  politely).

08 Molloy’s

Molloy's, On the corner of Talbot Street\Talbot Place, Dublin. Molloy’s, On the corner of Talbot Street\Talbot Place.
(One minute walk from The Busaras). Like many Irish pubs, it’s devided into two halfs.
The Lounge, opens at lunchtime, and the narrow, long drinker’s part, opens 0730 hours!
Keep your head down, don’t shout, be polite; and you might have a nice chat with one of the locals. (In any drinker’s bar, the locals may appear impolite; even the barman. Ignore them, and in a calm voice repeat your order. You  m a y  «grow on them», they  m a y  lighten up, and you may have the fun of a lifetime).

09 Murray’s

Murray'sO’Connell Street Upper. Not all that old and traditional, but still, a nice place. The service is good, when you finally gets the employee’s attention. The pint is very good. The music above average. The most redeeming feature is the food. Large portions. And the food itself is v e r y good. This year, 2014, on different occasions, I tried stuff on the breakfast, lunch, dinner and desert menues. All excellent. The Brownies tastes so good, they got to be 100% unhealthy. – Do get one anyway! 🙂

10 Strawberry Hall

The Strawberry HallStrawberry Beds. We were supposed to visit Strawberry Beds, but it turns out it was dark when we got there. (Check your guide book). The local pub was very local. Both staff and guests were very friendly, and the pint, a good one. And they had a strange game there. Definately worth a visit, in spite of the distance from «the city centre».

11 Connolly’s | The Sheds

Connollys - The Shed_PPCN01198 Clontarf Road. Nice pub. Strange interia on the ground floor, with tiletables. We never made it to the first floor, as we were there about lunch time. The service and the pint: Excellent. – Pop by!

12 W. Ryan

W. Ryan28 Parkgate Street. A very nice pub, got it all. Great victorian style, great pint, great staff. (Pop by after visiting Dublin Zoo).

Pubs  S o u  t h  of The River Liffey:

01 The Brazen Head


The Brazen Head, Bridge Street, Dublin. Bridge Street. You can’t beat tradition! It has been a boozer in this spot for 800 years!
If there’s music, it’s good, the pint is great, and the food is great.
It’s popular! If you are going to a session, be early!

02 Fallon’s

Fallon's, The Coombe, Dublin.In The Coombe. Very nice pub, very good Guinness!
If you’re in the area, pop by. It’s worth the walk! Give our regards to the barman!

03 The Porterhouse Brewing Company

The Porter House, Parliament Street, Dublin.Parliament Street, on the western side of Temple Bar.
One of the microbreweries in Dublin. (There’s also The Porterhouse Central, on Nassau Street). They serve many different Irish and foreign beers, a perfect place to «widen your horizont». The Team recommends an entire Pub Crawl in this place. Without moving at all. (Except when you’ve had enough). Other Microbreweries you may visit in Dublin:
1. Messrs Maguire’s, 2 Burgh Quay. (Recommended. Very good).
2. Against The Grain, 11 Wexford Street.
3. The Bull & Castle, 5-7 Lord Edward Street.
4. Dublin Brewing Company, 141-146 North King Street.
(Breweries 2 and 4 not yet visited by The Team).

04 Ha’ penny Bridge Inn

Ha'penny Bridge Inn, 42 Wellington Quay, Dublin.42 Wellington Quay. Nice bar, good pint. Apparently, they also got stand up comedy.
Check your travel guide. (Your best bet for very good stand up, woulde be at
The International Bar, at 23 Wicklow Street. Just around the corner from the main Tourist Office, wich is in a big, former church… Visit The Comedy Cellar, u p s t a i r s(!)).

05 Brogan’s

Brogan's, 75 Dame Street, Dublin.75 Dame Street. A true Dublin Gem. Tucked in between all the busy places in Dame Street. Nice, quiet and a little bit «dusty». A perfect place to rest between the battles of sightseeing and shopping. Great pint. (Note: It opens at 1600 hours!).

06 The Long Hall

The Long Hall, South Great George's Street, Dublin.51 South Great George’s Street. Dublin’s longest bar counter? An old, friendly and good boozer! Great pint, and good atmosphere.

07 Grogan’s Castle Lounge

J.Grogan's Castle Longe, 15 South William Street, Dublin.

15 South William Street. Great old boozer. Great pint, nice and quiet. (No tv in here!).
The operative word being: Relaxe.

08 John Kehoe’s

John Kehoe's, South Anne Street, Dublin.9 South Anne Street. Nice, friendly, but  slightly more busy. Great pint.

09 M.J.O’Neill’s

O'Neill's, 2 Suffolk Street, Dublin.2 Suffolk Street. A big, nice, clean pub. Not the greatest of atmospheres, but good enough. Go visit this pub. Try to find a quiet corner, and enjoy your pint of The Black Stuff. Downtown Dublin, «in the middle of central…» etc., you won’t find a better pint.
(O’Neill’s is just across the street from the stairs of The Main Tourist Office, Suffolk St.).

10 The Palace

The Palace, 21 Fleet Street, Dublin.21 Fleet Street. (At the eastern side of Temple Bar, on the corner of Westmorland Street\Fleet Street). The pints at The Palace are excellent. Situated in Downtown Dublin, «in the middle of central…» etc, you probably won’t find a better trad. music session. (Except at Hughe’s Bar?). On a normal day, they are above average, on a good day, excellent. Very nice Victorian Bar on the ground floor, and a smaller room upstairs, where the music sessions takes place. Entrance to the first floor: The stairs to the left of the main entrance. Enjoy.
(During Summer 2014, there was only one session a week, on Sundays).

11 John Mulligan’s

John Mulligan's, off Poolbeg Street, Dublin.A great boozer, great atmosphere, with a great pint.

12 O’Donoghue’s

O'Donoghue's, 15 Merrion Row, Dublin.15 Merrion Row. A Legend. This is where The Dubliner’s startet out in the 1960’s.
Rumour has it, they still visit this pub from time to time. It’s a great pub.
Great atmosphere. Great pint. Great music. (Sometimes lunch, or afternoon sessions).
Definately worth a visit.

13 Doheny & Nesbitt

Doheny & Nesbitt, Baggot Street, Dublin.Baggot Street. A very nice, traditional bar. Great pint. If you’re in the area, do pop by.
(If it’s packed, try James Toner’s, across the street. It’s great, too).

14 Dawson Lounge

Dawson Lounge25 Dawson Street. Not an old trad. pub, but according to rumours, Dublin’s smallest. Friendly staff, great pint. Perfect for a pit stop, when shopping.

15 Padraig Pearse

Padraig Pearse81 Pearse Street. Small trad. pub, very local. Very friendly staff and locals. Pint: 9 out of 10.

16 Porterhouse Central

Porterhouse Central_PPCS0145 Nassau Street, One of the micro brewerys. Well worth a visit. You can do a decent pub crawl in this place alone. Try any beer, but stay clear of the the «plain porter». – It’s too plain…


Currently we have 28 pubs on the Dublin worth-a-visit-list.
Could have been 48…

– It’s hard work! 🙂

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