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Getting to Ireland
There are a number of ferrys from France, England, Wales and Scotland. But if you don’t live close to one of the relevant ports, it is not very practical. I recommend going by plane, to Dublin Airport (DUB). http://www.dublinairport.com/index.asp
In addition, there are a number of smaller, local Airports you can get to via Dublin.
See list: http://www.totalireland.com/index/tourism/airports/

Remember: If your airline mess up, and your bag does not arrive with you, report it
missing to the company handling luggage for your airline. (You’ll need your flight information, a decription of the bag, and the address where you’ll be staying).
It happened to me this year, (2013), and the airline «Norwegian» did not see themselves fit to send my bag to Dublin. Even after finding it the next morning. Took them 4 days
to get it from Oslo to Dublin. And it only happened because Sky Handling Partner
kept pushing. And it was delivered at Doolin Hostel, Fisherstreet, Doolin,
County Clare, where I was staying, by Sky Handling Partner. I didn’t even get to
thank the inspector who delivered it, he just left it with the hostel manager,
and buggered off. – All in a days work!  – Outstanding service!

Getting Around Dublin Town
In Dublin it may be quite a distance between the places you want to visit, and the local city bus is your best bet. They are frequent, accurate, and not expensive.
Check out: http://www.dublinbus.ie/
And there’s always the local trains\subways, The DART, LUAS, and Suburban Network.
(Get a Pop-up map at Eason, bookshop on O’Connel Street, (€ 3.00?), covers the city centre, and it has a map of where the different local trains go.

Getting Around The Green Island
There are a number local bus services in Ireland, so if you find yourself in need of public transport in a rather rural area, ask around, check the local paper, go online. You may be surprised. Most parts of  Ireland enjoys the service of the biggest, (formerly national), company, Bus Eireann. The home of Bus Eireann is the Central Bus Station in Dublin, called
The Busaras. It is located on the north side of The River Liffey, two (big) blocks east of O’Connel Street, on the north side of The Custom House. http://www.buseireann.ie/
Bus Eireann drivers in general, are acurate, friendly and do a splendid job.
Trains are a possibility, but they are, or at least they used to be, slightly more expensive.
See: http://www.irishrail.ie/home/

V e r y important: Do NOT trust (travel) info given.
Esp. written timetables. The information may well be wrong.
An example from Kilbeggan: Before leaving Dublin for Kilbeggan, we checked online,
what time the bus was supposed return to DUB. Then we asked at The Busaras
before leaving, and the driver of the bus, and cheked the written sign at the bus stop.
(The sign was less than two weeks old, and supposed to cover the actual period of time).
They all said the same.
Just to make sure, we asked at the «Bar» at the brewery, and they gave us a totally
different time of departure, and they were right.
Advice: Your best bet for correct travel info, at least when you’re not in DUB, is not online,
not the company, not the driver, and not the sign post. It’s at the pub next door…

Travel Guides – I recommend:
Lonely Planet: Ireland
Lonely Planet: Dublin City Guide
Lonely Planet: Cycling in Ireland
Lonely Planet: Walking in Ireland

They are fairly accurate, and to the point. The writers have actually been there. Very good.
Though I have to say: Yes, The Dubliners d i d record and release, «the most scabrous verse» of the song «Monto». Released in 1988, on the album: A Night Out.
(Ref: Lonely Planet, Dublin City Guide, 2008 edition, page 112).

Useful links
Book your bed at a hostel in advance. These websites covers most Irish Hostels:
01: http://www.hostels.com/ireland/
02: http://www.hostelbookers.com/hostels/ireland/
03: http://www.gomio.com/
04: http://www.hostelz.com/hostels-in/Ireland
05: http://www.anoige.ie/

Discover Ireland: http://discoverireland.ie/
Discover Dublin: http://discoverdublin.ie/
Triskelle: http://www.triskelle.eu/index.php?index=010
Visit Dublin: http://www.visitdublin.com/
Ireland Guide: http://www.ireland-guide.com/
Ireland Directory: http://www.irelands-directory.com/
Dublin Theatres: http://www.dublinuncovered.net/theatres.html
The National Concert Hall: http://www.nch.ie/Home.aspx
Ireland Literature Exchange: http://www.irelandliterature.com/
The Irish Inland Waterways: http://www.iwai.ie/
Walking in Ireland: http://www.walkinginireland.org/
Walking and Hiking: http://www.walkinghikingireland.com/
Hillwalking: http://www.simonstewart.ie/
Comedy Dublin: http://www.comedydublin.com/
Dublinks: http://www.dublinks.com/?loc=15&pt=11
The Comedy Celllar: http://www.dublincomedycellar.com/

Currency: http://www.xe.com/
Mkmap: http://mkmap.com/
Mkmap Dublin Bus: http://mkmap.com/dublin
Irish Independent: http://www.independent.ie/



(More info will follow).


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