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(I’ve put together this list of pubs, by gathering information from 3 different guidebooks and 3 different web sites. 52 pubs in all. Looking for The Perfect Pint. – A lot of work yet).

The Perfect Pint Pub Crawl North Side

01 The Fisherman’s, Harbour Road, The Howth.

PPC North Side 01, The Howth, The Fishermans Great atmosphere, and a great pint. This is an old-men-drinker’s pub. And they were there, at 1030 in the morning. As visiting tourists, y o u will be the exhibits.
If you visit The Howth, do pop by.

02Connolly’s \ The Sheds, 198 Clontarf Road.


PPC North Side 01, Connollys - The ShedsA special place. Strange, but rather becoming tile interior, (the tables bolted to the floor). The pint is one of The Best. And the staff is very friendly and forthcoming.
If you are to visit one pub «up north», make it this one.

03 Quinn’s, 42 Drumcondra Road Lower.

PPC North Side 01, Quinn'sDefinately a local bar. The pint was a good one, but that was it. Not a great atmosphere, and the natives let us know, by body language, that we were trespassing. – Ah.. well…
No revisit to this pub, I reckon.

04 Kavanagh’s \ The Temple, 80 Dorset Street Upper.

PPC North Side 01, Kavanaghs - The TempleThis is not a drinker’s pub, more of a lounge. But nice. Friendly staff, and a good pint.
They serve food, and our lunch was very nice.  A fine place for a pit stop.


05 The Mill, 199 Phibsboro Road.

PPC North Side 01, The Mill A regular, traditional bar. Well, the staff, atmosphere and pint was fine. But, the place didn’t really stand out…. – Still, an 8 out of 10..?

06 John Kavanagh’s \ The Gravedigger’s, 1 Prospect Square, Glasnevin.

PPC North Side 01, Kavanagh's \ The Gravedigger'sA Legend. Atmosphere and pint: Excellent. Such a pity, the staff are sometimes half rude. (More on The Gravedigger’s: The Pub Section).


07 Fingal House, 284 Glasnevin Avenue.
08 Cabra House
, 62 Faussagh Avenue.
(Not as yet visited on a Perfect Pint Pub Crawl).

09 Hyne’s Bar – The Banner Man, 79 Prussia Street.

PPC North Side 01, Hynes Bar.A nice place, with a great pint. Good staff. A bit strange there, with that Winchester on
the wall, but… – Worth a pit stop, anyway.

10 Tommy O’Gara, 19 Stoneybatter.

PPC North Side 01, Tommy OGara.Traditional, local bar. Good atmosphere, and a good pint. Friendly staff, and seems like a place for good craic. (A little hard to say though, as we were there at appr. 1700…).

11 The Belfry, Stoneybatter.

PPC North Side 01, The Belfry.A good local Bar. Great atmosphere, and a great pint. – Pop by!

12 The Cobblestone, 77 King Street North.

PPC North Side 01, The Cobblestone.

This is a great pub. Evenings are very busy, but the staff keep serving you with a smile.
In general the music sessions are very good, and the atmosphere is great.
One thing though, they serve The Guinness way too cold. You have to let it rest for half an hour, before enjoying it. But then, it’s very good! – And, I say again, if you’re looking for great music and the craic, this pub is way up there! – Check it out!

– – –

13 Liam Walsh’s, 36 Parkgate Street.
14 Nancy Hand’s, 32 Parkgate Street.
15 W. Ryan’s, Parkgate Street.
16 The Gin Palace, Abbey Street Middle.
17 Madigan’s, O’Connel Street Upper.
18 The Shakespeare Bar, Parnell Street.
19 Doran’s, 90 Marlborough Street.
20 The Confession Box, Marlborough Street.
21 The Sackville Lounge, 16 Sackville Place.
22 The Celt, 81 Talbot Street.
23 The Master Mariner, 01 Amien Street.
24 Molloy’s, Talbot Street.
(Not as yet visited on a Perfect Pint Pub Crawl).

– – –

So far, on our pub crawl on the north side of The River Liffey, I will strongly recommend one pub. It has a great atmosphere, though a bit unusual interior. Nevertheless, a great spot, with friendly and cheerful staff. The pint is one of the best. If you feel like doing a wild field trip, off the beaten track; Go visit The Sheds. Give them our regards!

(Downer so far: Quinn’s. Stay clear).


The Perfect Pint Pub Crawl South Side

01 Weir’s, 88 George’s Street Lower, Dun Laoghaire.
02 Dunphy’s, 41 George’s Street Lower, Dun Laoghaire.
03 Arthur McKenna, 08 Wellington Street, Dun Laoghaire.
04 Gleeson’s of Booterstown, 44 Booterstown Avenue, Booterstown.
05 Mary Mac’s, 12 Merrion Road, Sandymount.
06 James Toner’s, 139 Baggot Street Lower.
07 The Wellington, 1 Baggot Street Upper.
08 The Leeson Lounge, 148 Leeson Street Upper.
09 The Lantern, Harold’s Cross Road.
10 Harold House, Clanbrassil Street Upper.
11 Lowe’s, Dolphin’s Barn.
12 Donoghue’s, Emmet Road.
13 The Malt House, James’ Street.
(14 The Gravity Bar, St. James’ Gate Brewery).
15 O’Shea’s Merchant, Brigde Street Lower.
(Not as yet visited on a Perfect Pint Pub Crawl).

16 The Brazen Head, Bridge Street Lower.

PPC South Side 02, The Brazen Head.It’s fair to say it’s traditional. Great Pint! (See The Pubs section).

17 Fallon’s, The Coombe.

PPC South Side 02, Fallon's.A very nice bar, with  g r e a t  Guinness! Very friendly staff, excellent atmosphere.
A visit to this pub is compulsory. No less. Give them our regards.

18 The Cornerstone \ Karma, Wexford Street.

PPC South Side 02, The Cornerstone - Karma.No longer a traditional pub, it has changed name to: Karma. Reminds me of «the airport» one, (The Waterloo House, Baggot Street). Bar\cafe\modern. Still, a good guinness!

19 Delaney’s, Aungier Street.
– We were not able to find this bar. It may be gone…

20 The Long Hall, South Great George’s Street.

PPC South Side 02, The Long Hall.An old time bar. Friendly staff, great atmosphere, great guinness! It’s very close to the city centre, and there’s no excuse for not visiting this pub, at least once. (- Paddy says hi!).

21 Grogan’s Castle Lounge, William Street South.

PPC South Side 02. Grogans Castle Lounge.This old boozer is a Dublin institution, often visited by writers and painters. With a great atmophere and a great pint! Well worth a visit! An example of the art on their wall:

PPC South Side 02, Grogans Castle Lounge, General Michael Collins.General Michael Collins

22 Peter’s Pub, Johnson’s Place.

PPC South Side 02, Peter's Pub.Not an old drinker’s pub, but very nice. Fairly new and modern interior, clean.
(The Waterloo House syndrom again). Friendly staff, and a great guinness. We also had the pleassure of enjoying an Irish Coffee at this pub, and it was very good.
(The quality on I.C. varies a lot around town, and in the country).

23 Sheehan’s, Chatham Lane.

PPC South Side 02, Sheehan's.Great pub, with a relaxed, calm atmosphere, a perfect spot for an afternoon pint. Friendly staff, and a great pint. Close to the shopping area. Don’t miss it.

24 John Kehoe’s, South Anne Street.

PPC South Side 02, John Kehoe's.One of the most atmospheric pubs in The Dublin City Centre, with a beautiful Victorian Bar and snug. On top of this, it has a great pint! An unbeatable location, just off Grafton Street.
Let your lady friends go nuts in the shops, while you enjoy a great pint in this gem.
Time stands still in this pub, yet it flies. When your friends show up, and you are working on your third pint, chances are you’re all happy and content. 🙂

25 M. J. O’Neill’s, Suffolk Street.

PPC South Side 02, M.J. O'Neill's.A nice place, with a great pint! – Just pay them a visit! (See The Pubs section).

26 The Palace Bar, Fleet Street.

PPC South Side 02, The Palace Bar.Another Dublin institution. Great music & a great pint. Your best bet in
The Temple Bar area. (See The Pubs section).

27 Chaplin’s, Hawkin’s Street.
28 John Mulligans, off Poolbeg Street.
(Not as yet visited on a Perfect Pint Pub Crawl).

– – –

So far, on The South Side….
It’s really hard to pick the best experience on the south side. In general, if you’d like to visit 6 or 7 south side pubs, and regarding the staff, the atmosphere, the pint and the craic,
do visit:

Fallon’s                 129 The Coombe
The Long Hall     51 South Great George’s Street
Grogan’s              15 William Street South
Brogan’s               75 Dame Street (From 1600)
Kehoe’s                9 South Anne Street
The Palace           21 Fleet Street
Mulligan’s            8 Poolbeg Street
Try following this list, and you’ll have one h… of a pubcrawl!
Start out at Fallon’s at 1030 or 1100 hours, for an early lunch pint of The Black Stuff.
Then go straight to Hell, for a pizza lunch, at 36 Wexford Street.


This will set you up for the day, head north for The Long Hall, and follow the list! Enjoy!!

Anyway, arm forced, I would have to pick Fallon’s. A bit to early to say, regarding The Craic, as we were there at appr. 1300 hours, but still, we  r e a l l y  felt at home. – Slainte!

It’s hard work, but it’s a nice job!



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